Financial Calculators

Our financial calculators cover a wide variety of topics, such as asset allocation, retirement planning and college savings. These calculators are designed to provide you with a frame of reference, such as how much you may need to save, when you may need to start and what rate of return you may require to help you meet your financial goals. However, please keep in mind that all examples and calculations are hypothetical and illustrative in nature and do not constitute investment advice.

  • Asset Allocator
    Based on your investment time horizon, tolerance for risk and return requirements, this calculator can help you determine a desirable mix of stocks, bonds and cash.
  • College Planner
    Saving for your children's education requires a long-term plan. Use this calculator to help determine how much you will need to save.
  • Retirement Planner
    Do you know what it takes to work towards a secure retirement? Use this calculator to help you create your retirement plan.
  • Required Minimum Distributions
    Determining how much you are required to withdraw is an important issue in retirement planning. Use this calculator to determine your Required Minimum Distributions.
  • Traditional vs. Roth
    There are two types of Individual Retirement Accounts: the Roth IRA and the Traditional IRA. Use this tool to determine which IRA may be right for you.
  • 72(t) Calculator
    The Internal Revenue Code section 72(t) allows for penalty free early withdrawals from retirement accounts. Use this calculator to determine your allowable 72(t) distribution.