Charlotte, North Carolina

About Sterling Capital Funds

Whether you're looking for the current income potential of bonds, the growth potential of stocks or a combination of both, Sterling Capital Funds offers a well diversified lineup of 21 funds skillfully guided by some of the industry's premier talent.

Sterling Capital Funds is expertly poised to provide institutions, advisers and individuals the tools needed to navigate the challenging investment landscape. Our boutique approach allows our investment teams to operate autonomously and rely on proprietary research and analysis along with common sense thinking to build and implement world-class investment strategies.

Sterling Capital Management - Adviser to the Sterling Capital Funds

Sterling Capital Management LLC is a registered investment adviser founded in 1970. Sterling is a independently operated subsidiary of BB&T Corporation, one of the nation's largest financial services holding companies. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC with offices in Raleigh, NC; Atlanta, GA; Washington, D.C.; San Francisco, CA; Richmond, VA; and Virginia Beach, VA. Sterling has over $47 billion* in assets under management overseen by 105 investment and client services professionals. Sterling provides investment management services to a diversified group of clients including corporate, public, healthcare, private clients, endowment, foundation, insurance, sub-advisory, and managed investment pools in 40 states and 10 countries worldwide.

Our approach

Our proprietary research anchors our investment strategies and brings a rational, fact-based discipline to our process. A combination of in-house analysis and the expertise and insight of our portfolio management teams renders a complete picture for any given strategy. We firmly believe that high-quality results require both specialized insight and expert oversight.

We build wealth for our clients by adhering to a comprehensive, transparent and repeatable process, taking prudent risks while seeking attractive performance potential.


Our intellectual capital is the cornerstone of our approach to investing. As such, we rely on our diverse teams of investment professionals to bring deep industry knowledge and experience along with a high level of education. Each one of our strategies is skillfully guided by one of our investment teams who have been specifically chosen because of their proven, time-tested process.


Valuation is critical to our investment process. Our criteria include a company's strength of management, the quality of its business and the potential risks and rewards in specific sector and industry trends. Our strength lies in our ability to uncover promising, undervalued securities and purchasing them before the market realizes their intrinsic value and before they reach or exceed their true worth.


We grant our clients access to the ideas and expertise of our investment professionals to provide invaluable insights into our capital market assumptions and the current economic environment. Our commitment is to provide you with the depth of resources and service focused on helping you succeed.

*as of 12/31/2014